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Woods and Books team

Woods and Books was put together by a small, yet determined team of experienced professionals from diverse fields of study and expertise.

We were drawn together by our belief in the value of education,whether through regular exposure to the bounties and the mysteries of nature, or through constant access to the different genres of literature. We believe that there is as much insight and enlightenment that can be garnered from a grain of sand or a clear, flowing river as from the shades and depth of meanings of the written word.

We all share the common experience of having had the opportunity to learn from our environment as well as from books that offered us a clearer understanding not only of ourselves, but of others. We believe that an informed individual is a mindful individual who has the power to create changes where they are necessary and the wisdom to preserve existing systems where they are essential.

Most of all, we believe that the child, like the seed, holds in his or her heart an infinite potential for good,beauty,and grace.

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