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The Mysterious Mr. K, ready to take on the Li’l Creatures.

Due to the highly secret, sensitive nature of his work, our latest volunteer prefers to go incognito. He’s taken on the extremely challenging task of testing the safety and lovability of our Li’l Creatures, amigurumi dolls and bookmarks soon to debut exclusively at Book Latte, at the Iloilo Megaworld Festive Walk.

Flannery O’Peacock is one of the Li’l Creatures that Mr. K will have to examine closely and subject to lots of hugging and squeezing.

Mr. K, as our quality expert is known among his peers and his fans, will be testing the durability and cuteness of Flannery O’Peacock, Matsing the Monkey, and Myrtle the Turtle. Once these Li’l Creatures pass the rigorous tests and standards of the magnificent Mr. K, we’ll be preparing the rest of the cuddly gang to meet Ilonggo children.

Mr. K, hard at work, carefully checking out clues.

(l-r) Flannery O’ Peacock hanging out with Matsing the Monkey, and Matsing’s BFF.

Meanwhile, we finally sat down with Book Latte owner, Ms. Cristina Estorque, and finalized the details of our fundraising project: Li’l Creatures for Li’l Readers. Our deepest gratitude to Woods and Books volunteer, Vice Chancellor Martin Genodepa of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, who facilitated this project! Martin, an artist himself, also happens to be the curator of the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art.

Woods and Books, represented by volunteer, Martin, and Book Latte, represented by Cristina, made the partnership official with a simple signing of our agreement at Book Latte.


Little Pink Cat’s patiently waiting in the wings for her turn to be cuddled.


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