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First, the Basics

Interestingly enough, all Woods and Books volunteers, at one time or another, have taught or are now teaching somewhere in the world, aside from working and consulting as experts in their respective fields.


WB volunteers review the initial project proposal

In between meeting deadlines and fulfilling the responsibilities of our day jobs,the bare-bones, all-volunteer Woods and Books planning team organized themselves—sometimes when some of us happened to be in Iloilo City, or in the US; often, through web connections. During our off-hours and holidays, we put together everything that we needed to guide us through: our mission and vision, our goals and objectives, our plans and strategies, our concept and logo, and our project proposal. We even had to take turns obtaining and preparing the legal documents that would transfer our collective passion onto paper.

Finally, after several visits to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we got our license to operate as a Philippine non-government organization!

Someday, all members of Team Woods and Books will be able to sit down in one space and time, look each other in the eye, and celebrate. In the meantime, we shall work, in different parts of the world, toward one common goal: ensuring that Ilonggo children have their own place to freely play and learn.

Then, the Hard Work
2012 onward

As a small, new, yet enthusiastic and idealistic team, we’ve relied on our individual strengths, experiences, and expertise to guide us through the challenges of our early attempts at growth and development.

We have also happily realized the truth in the maxim that people give to people, not to causes, movements, nor organizations. We are inspired and encouraged by the strong, positive responses of individuals whom we have directly and personally approached to help us promote Woods and Books and to gather funds, books, and other materials.

While we are networking with supporters and donors to provide funding, equipment, and materials for the green space and the library that we aim to build, we are also making connections with kind, kindred souls who know us and trust that their book and fund donations go to Ilonggo children who urgently need them.

In our book, there is no donation too small to accept. We are quick to rejoice with each token of support!

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