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Our Vision

Woods and Books will be a premier Ilonggo organization that safeguards, promotes, and develops Ilonggo children’s physical, social, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual development.
woodsOur Mission

Our mission is to design, develop, and maintain an appropriate green space in Iloilo City that will accommodate a natural playscape and a free multi-purpose library.

Nestled within this green space, where children are provided the opportunity for natural, unstructured play, will be a library designed as a Montessori environment. Children can freely choose to work with didactic, hands-on materials, read books, or engage in developmentally appropriate activities that support, strengthen, and refine their unique physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs.

This  informal learning center will be constructed using as much local materials and manpower as possible, as well as green, sustainable technology currently available in Iloilo City and its neighboring communities. This welcoming space will be a learning and playing haven for Ilonggo children to nurture an abiding love for nature and literature.


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