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Children have the right to play and the right to learn. Woods and Books is a small group’s effort to ensure that these rights are protected and realized.

The body-mind connection is especially strong in young learners. Nature provides the environment in which children can use their senses and practice their physical skills, which in turn affect brain development. A library, on the other hand, equipped with proper materials, extends the child’s learning environment. Regular, positive exposure to the written word enhances literacy and promotes a life-long habit of and love for reading.

Both indoor (library) and outdoor (nature) environments provide the necessary conditions for free choice and independence–two essential elements a child needs to practice focus, control,   order, discipline, and responsibility.     These are essential life skills that a child must master in order to survive and succeed outside of school.

Woods and Books is a response to the lack of green space in Iloilo City and the urgent need for a children’s library, with adequate materials and professionally planned activities that are freely accessible to and appropriate for children.

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